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  • Antivirus and Antispyware recommendation

    I am often asked for advice on buying antivirus protection for home computers, and for a while I haven’t had a good answer.  For my business clients, I use Reflexion.net to screen and filter inbound e-mail (the most common source of viruses and worms), and that leaves spyware and malware to be the biggest problems, for which I use CounterSpy.

    So for the home user, I’ve been recommending CounterSpy as well, but didn’t have a good answer on how to protect e-mail as well (unless they were willing to allow me to host their e-mail).

    Finally the product I have been waiting for is finally on the market and available.  I haven’t actually tried it out myself yet, but definitely will.  But my confidence and appreciation for CounterSpy makes me trust this new addition to the family without hesitation.


  • What to Do When You Receive a BSA Audit Letter

    One of my clients has received an audit notification from the Business Software Alliance (BSA).  I have always warned my clients about the potential of an audit when I discover that there isn’t a valid license for all the software installed, but this is my first time to gain experiential knowledge.  It is disconcerting how many times I acquire a new client, and their stack of media is mostly burned CD’s from their previous IT consultants.

    During my research on the topic, I ran across this article that I wanted to link to here for future reference and hopefully you find it as useful as I have:


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