Virus and System Cleanup Process

First off, beware of the scammers who cold call you and tell you that you have a virus and you need them to help clean it. Technically, that’s what I do for a living too, but I don’t do cold calls, and below I have outlined what tools I use to look at your computer and run clean up with. There’s enough information here for you to do the process yourself if you’d like. But if you want someone with experience and the tools to finish the process smoothly, give me a call!


The first tool I will use is called ScreenConnect. This is the tool that you will start to run that will allow me to see and control your computer to start the clean up process. That begins by following the “Start Remote Session” link on my site.


Next I will upload a tool to your computer called D7II. This is an automation tool that acts as a menu system for all the other tools and can automatically download and run the latest updates for dozens of antivirus and other diagnostic tools.


The next step will be some basic hardware diagnostics. In particular, I will need to test your hard drive and make sure that it is healthy enough for repeated scans and cleanup work. It could be that what’s slowing down your computer is a failing hard drive. If that’s the case, that must be replaced or repaired before anything else can happen. If you’re local and can bring the computer to me, I’ll be happy to install a new drive and recover as much of your data as possible for a very reasonable price. Otherwise, there won’t be anything further I can do to help because I wouldn’t want to risk causing data loss on a dying hard drive. If this is the case, there’ll be no charge for the services provided so far.

Hard drive diagnostic tools:


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