Office365 – Get the Clutter Feature Back

Many clients have contacted me since their Outlook inbox recently became cluttered after getting used to the Clutter feature that automatically moves bulk mail to a special folder. Clutter is different from Junk Mail (spam) as it’s usually for mailing lists and automated messages that you do want, just not at the same priority as other mail.


Microsoft has implemented a new “Focused Inbox” feature instead and automatically switched off Clutter and turned on the Focused Inbox. This would be all well and fine except that not all devices support it, so Android and other devices end up getting too much email after getting used to the Clutter option.


Fortunately Focused Inbox can be turned off and Clutter can be turned back on. These settings are on the web version of Outlook at


Once you’ve logged in, find the gear wheel Settings button on the top right and click on Mail on the bottom right under “Your app settings”.


The options for Clutter are about a quarter of the way down on the left side under Mail > Automatic Processing:

Even though the focused inbox disabled the Clutter feature, it does appear that both features can be enabled simultaneously. But if you prefer to disable the new feature and only keep the old, scroll down the options menu and find the Focused inbox underneath the Layout group: